Children’s Nutrition Workshop

Join me on Saturday 13th February at 11am for a Zoom workshop aimed for parents/ guardians and children..

Learn about the essential nutrients children need to stay healthy, robust, to help with cognitive ability, behaviour and concentration..

In this age of rising obesity and an increase in Type 2 Diabetes, plus home schooling and the stress of the global pandemic, let’s fed our children the food they need to stay healthy and to help cope with whatever life throws at them..

It’s a light hearted workshop full of advice, tips, recipes and information with an opportunity to ask questions and receive a hand out afterwards.

Contact me for information how to join in

Just £5 per household

Published by lucyslayter

A bit about myself – I am a fully qualified Naturopathic Nutritional Advisor, Life Coach and Aromatherapist from Sutton Coldfield with a passion for living healthily and sharing my knowledge. After having Chronic Fatigue Syndrome for over 13 years, I understand the value of eating healthily and have changed my diet to meet the needs of my illness. I am now caffeine free, alcohol free, I eat a low-sugar diet, and I’m passionate about eating fresh, natural foods packed full of local and seasonal vegetables. I love to cook, make preserves, try new recipes and spend time on my allotment where I grow organic fruit and vegetables which I feed to my hungry husband and teenage son. I have a passion for walking and enjoying the great outdoors and being as active as I can.

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