Are you eating enough Veggies and fruit?

The guideline says eat 5 a day… I say eat MINIMUM 7 A DAY for optimal health… Veggies are best.. low in sugar, high in fibre, full of vitamins and minerals and prebiotics to feed your gut bacteria… Make veggies fun… roast with garlic and herbs, add chilli and lemon juice to steamed veggies, makeContinue reading “Are you eating enough Veggies and fruit?”

Are you Vegan? Are you getting enough protein?

If you’re vegan you need to ensure you’re getting all 9 essential amino acids from your meals… these are obtained from protein sources… You need to wide variety of different protein sources daily to get the full quota of amino acids. We need protein to build all body tissue, for growth, for energy. If you’reContinue reading “Are you Vegan? Are you getting enough protein?”

Need to lose weight before Christmas?

We probably all need to shift a few pounds before the Christmas blow-out.. Contact me to find out how to lose weight naturally, healthily and without depriving yourself.. I have lots of information and tips and I’m here to motivate and encourage you on your journey… My weight loss..On the left 2 years ago IContinue reading “Need to lose weight before Christmas?”

Ten tips for health and wellbeing

1. Eat a wide range of vegetables and fruit daily. Aim for at least 5 portions  of vegetables daily. 2. Eat something raw everyday. Carrot sticks with humous, celery batons with nut butter, a mixed salad. 3. Aim to drink 1.5 to 2 litres of fluid daily for optimal hydration. 4. Try switching some ofContinue reading “Ten tips for health and wellbeing”