Forth coming Nutrition Workshop

Join me this Saturday for an informative workshop about SUGAR.. Learn how the body processes sugar, why we need to reduce sugar and I’ll be giving practical tips and sharing my experience of how to reduce sugar.. With a hand-out and a recipe plus an opportunity to ask questions. Just £5 on Zoom. Recording available.Continue reading “Forth coming Nutrition Workshop”

Join me on Saturdays at 11am for my one hour NUTRITION workshops on Zoom.. The next workshop is EVERYTHING YOU NEED TO KNOW ABOUT SUGAR… Learn how the body processes sugar, how much sugar you really need, tips and ideas to help you reduce sugar and much more.. With an opportunity to ask questions andContinue reading

Children’s Nutrition Workshop

Join me on Saturday 13th February at 11am for a Zoom workshop aimed for parents/ guardians and children.. Learn about the essential nutrients children need to stay healthy, robust, to help with cognitive ability, behaviour and concentration.. In this age of rising obesity and an increase in Type 2 Diabetes, plus home schooling and theContinue reading “Children’s Nutrition Workshop”


Do you exercise lots, eat healthily, diet and still have fat around your middle? Evidence suggests this visceral fat is the most harmful to your health. It’s a deep layer of fat around your organs. How can you shift it? Diets DON’T work. You’ll lose fat on a diet, but also perhaps muscle, bone andContinue reading “Do you store FAT AROUND YOUR MIDDLE?”

New Year’s Resolutions?

Make 2021 the year to make a resolution you’ll actually stick to. Join my Special Offer.. two consultations for £50 in January 2021. Finally tackle your niggling health issues. Get some answers to your symtoms. Gain a wealth of information which you can use throughout 2021 to get healthier, maybe fitter and slimmer too. TryContinue reading “New Year’s Resolutions?”

Can you eat healthily on a budget?

Yes! Veggies are super cheap, especially those in season so fill up your plate with veggies.. they’re packed with fibre, vitamins and minerals, they’re alkaline and they don’t contain fat… Eat meat and fish but choose quality products and eat a bit less of them to reduce the cost… Pack your stews, casseroles, soups andContinue reading “Can you eat healthily on a budget?”